Eurovision Song Contest Event Merchandise

**Background Information:**
Event Merchandising embarked on the Eurovision Song Contest merchandise marketing campaign as the official retailer for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest held in Liverpool. Event won a tender with Liverpool council, The EBU and the BBC. This prestigious event brought together music enthusiasts and fans from across the globe. Our target market encompassed Eurovision fans, both local and international, attending the event in Liverpool, as well as servicing the corporate partners and sponsors.

The primary purpose of our campaign was to create a vibrant and engaging merchandise experience that complemented the Eurovision Song Contest’s festive atmosphere. We aimed to connect with fans on an emotional level, providing them with a tangible way to express their love for the contest and the hosting city, Liverpool. Our goal was to enhance the overall Eurovision experience through high-quality, unique, and locally-inspired merchandise.

**Key Objectives:**
1. **Enhance Fan Engagement**: Foster a sense of belonging and excitement among Eurovision fans by offering a diverse range of merchandise that resonated with their passion for the event.

2. **Drive Sales and Revenue**: Generate significant merchandise sales both on-site and online, maximizing revenue opportunities for Event Merchandising and the Eurovision Song Contest.

3. **Promote Liverpool and Ukraine**: Showcase Liverpool and its Ukrainian connections through merchandise, celebrating the cultural exchange that Eurovision represents.

4. **Operational Excellence**: Execute seamless retail operations, including inventory management, shop openings, and logistics, to ensure a positive shopping experience.
Service the corporate and sponsors with an eclectic range of product.

**Desired Outcomes:**
1. **Increased Sales**: Achieve substantial merchandise sales surpassing previous Eurovision events, both in-store and through online channels.

2. **Enhanced Brand Perception**: Solidify Event Merchandising’s reputation as a leading merchandise provider for major international events, showcasing our ability to create captivating and memorable shopping experiences.

3. **Positive Customer Feedback**: Receive rave reviews and feedback from Eurovision fans, reflecting their satisfaction with the quality, diversity, and appeal of the merchandise.

4. **Promotional Success**: Promote Liverpool as a vibrant and welcoming host city while celebrating the contest’s Ukrainian theme, reinforcing cultural connections.

5. **Operational Excellence**: Execute operations flawlessly, meeting high-demand challenges with efficiency and precision, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable merchandise shopping experience.

6. **Profitable Contribution**: Deliver a significant financial contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest, boosting its overall success and sustainability.

The Eurovision Song Contest merchandise marketing campaign aimed to leverage Event Merchandising’s expertise to create a memorable and profitable merchandise experience that celebrated the essence of Eurovision while leaving a lasting positive impact on fans, the event, and Liverpool.

**Creative Process:**

Our creative process for the Eurovision Song Contest merchandise marketing campaign was driven by a desire to capture the spirit of the event and resonate with fans while promoting Liverpool as a vibrant host city. Here’s an overview of our approach:

1. **Thematic Inspiration**: We started by immersing ourselves in the Eurovision theme, drawing inspiration from the participating countries and the unique blend of cultures. This allowed us to create merchandise that was not only visually appealing but emotionally resonant.

2. **Local Flavour**: Recognising the importance of the host city, Liverpool, we incorporated local elements into our merchandise. This included Liverpool-themed products and nods to Ukraine’s culture, forging a deeper connection between fans and the event’s location.

3. **Collaborations**: We collaborated with local suppliers, including for the Glass Trophy known for their ethical and sustainable practices, to ensure the merchandise not only looked great but also had a meaningful story behind it.

4. **Diverse Product Range**: We designed a diverse range of products, from clothing and accessories to collectibles and souvenirs, to cater to a wide array of fan preferences.

5. **Online and On-site Presence**: Recognisng the global reach of Eurovision, we invested in an online store to serve international fans who couldn’t attend the event in person. On-site, we strategically placed merchandise shops in high-traffic areas, including Liverpool One, festival fan sites, and within the arena itself.

6. **Engaging Visuals**: Our marketing materials featured eye-catching visuals that showcased the merchandise while evoking the excitement and vibrancy of Eurovision. This included social media teasers, email campaigns, and on-site signage.
Event Merchandising Creative Team came up with the design and strap line “You’ll Never Sing Alone” this was used on the Merchandise. The Eurovision Song contest and the BBC liked the Strap line so much, they adopted it on their signage across Liverpool and communications. This led to this range selling out.

7. **Operational Excellence**: We meticulously planned and executed our operations to ensure the merchandise shops were well-stocked, staffed, and able to handle the high demand of an event of this scale. This included round-the-clock deliveries to meet fan enthusiasm.

**Choice of Channels:**

– **On-site Shops**: Placing merchandise shops strategically on-site allowed us to reach fans directly, capitalizing on their excitement during the event.

– **Liverpool One**: Liverpool One is a prime shopping destination, and opening a shop there ensured visibility to both tourists and locals.

– **Online Store**: An online store was essential to cater to international fans who couldn’t attend physically but wanted to be part of the Eurovision experience.

– **Social Media**: Leveraging social media was crucial to create pre-event buzz and engage with fans globally. We used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to showcase merchandise, run contests, and share event updates.

– **Email Marketing**: We utilized email marketing to reach out to existing customers and Eurovision enthusiasts, offering exclusive previews and promotions.

– **Media Coverage**: We garnered media attention through press releases and news coverage, further elevating the event’s profile and our merchandise offerings.


Our implementation strategy revolved around seamless coordination among various teams, from design and production to logistics and marketing. Key steps included:

– Designing and producing merchandise well in advance to ensure ample stock.
– Training shop staff to provide exceptional customer service.
– Collaborating with Liverpool authorities to secure prime retail locations.
– Developing a user-friendly online store with secure payment options.
– Engaging with fans on social media through visually appealing and interactive posts.
– Monitoring merchandise sales data in real-time to make informed restocking decisions.

By combining creativity, local flavour, and a multi-channel approach, we aimed to maximise fan engagement, sales, and the overall Eurovision experience, ensuring that Event Merchandising’s role as the official retailer left a lasting and positive impression.


– **Campaign Efficacy and Effectiveness**: The campaign proved highly effective in achieving its objectives. It resonated with Eurovision fans, enhanced their overall experience, and drove merchandise sales to unprecedented levels.

– **Engagement**: The campaign generated exceptional levels of engagement, both on-site and online. TikTok challenges and user-generated content went viral, with millions of views and shares. Social media interactions and comments from fans were overwhelmingly positive. We had an instagram photo frame in the store to so fans could take pictures and share them.

– **Business Benefit**: Event Merchandising’s involvement in the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool significantly benefited our business. We achieved a seven-figure sales figure, surpassing the original forecast by four times. This remarkable success contributed significantly to our revenue and profitability. Also the whole supply chain benifited. We also supported the Sponsors with a range of merchandise used for gifting which helped to amplify the reach of the merchandise.

– **ROI (Return on Investment)**: The return on investment for the campaign was outstanding. The resources and efforts invested in creating a diverse and engaging merchandise program, as well as the marketing initiatives, paid off handsomely. The ROI far exceeded expectations.

– **Sales**: The sales figures achieved were remarkable, with a seven-figure revenue generated during the promotion period. The campaign’s ability to drive sales, both in physical shops and through the online store, showcased its effectiveness in monetising fan enthusiasm for Eurovision.

Event Merchandising’s Eurovision merchandise marketing campaign delivered exceptional results, exceeding all expectations. It not only drove substantial sales but also elevated fan engagement and positively impacted our business’s profitability, firmly establishing our position as a leader in event merchandise marketing.