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Event Merchandise (GEM) has partnered with FormulaE for global merchandising.

Formula E is a new FIA single-seater championship and the world’s first fully-electric racing series. the Championship will compete in the heart of 10 of the world’s leading cities – including London, Beijing and Los Angeles – racing around their iconic landmarks.

It represents a vision for the future of the motor industry over the coming decades, serving as a framework for R&D around the electric vehicle, accelerating general interest in these cars and promoting sustainability.
Operating as an ‘open championship’, the series gives car manufacturers and constructors the opportunity to showcase their electrical energy innovations in a racing environment, designing cars to the technical specifications set out by the FIA.
The Championship centres around three core values of Energy, Environment and Entertainment and is a fusion of engineering, technology, sport, science, design, music and entertainment – all combining to drive the change towards an electric future.

Event Merchandise has created pop up shops and superstores across the world for Formula E. From China, Argentina, Malaysia, Punta Del Est, LA, Miami, Monaco, Berlin, and London.

We have also created the online superstore below

Formula E Shop