Airbnb Domino Sets

Promotional Merchandise

Approximately three weeks before Christmas Event! Merchandising, together with Airbnb, was tasked creating a unique gift  for around 6000 Airbnb hosts who will have guests staying with them around Christmas in the UK, France and Germany.

The suggestion of a bespoke set of Dominos was put forward.

The reason why dominos was put forward as an activity for both guests and hosts to play is because minimal communication is required whilst playing it and the game is known around the world.

Event manufactured the sets containing 36 individually branded blocks in a two week record time, working around the clock in order to leave time to post out the individual sets. The material chosen for the dominos set was acrylic, the design and packaging were both finalised,  and the sets arrived in time for Christmas.

Hosts have posted across social media, their delight in receiving the gifs.

The set’s of acrylic dominos that have been created are both beautifully designed, simple and on-brand.