The Sedex Conference 2016

Event took a trip to the capital to what was an intuitive conference offering advice and the opportunity to network with a variety of brands and suppliers alike.

At the Barbican in London, The Sedex Conference 2016 brought today around 1000 leaders in responsible sourcing, with the aim of simplifying supply chain sustainability. It went down as one of the world’s largest responsible sourcing conference this year.

Sedex Conference, Barbican London

Sedex Conference, Barbican London

Sourcing can be a tricky realm of work, with the risk of overcomplicating things. #Sedex16 was an inspection and digestion into how to identify connections and simplify approaches to supply chain sustainability in the best way possible. The 2 day event was a chance for leaders from all over the globe to hear from organisations at all levels of the supply chain, government, the third sector and more. There were insightful workshops, intriguing plenary sessions, superb spotlight talks and the chance for leaders to network efficiently.

Representing Event at the Barbican was our director Paul Goldsmith who said:

“we take our supply chain very seriously and we are working closely with our factories to make sure our stock is actioned ethically and sustainably, so the conference proved helpful in gaining further information and advice on fulfilling this.”




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