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Insomnia 61, DanTDM and Event!

During this year’s Bank Holiday Weekend, the NEC in Birmingham hosted the Insomnia Gaming Festival 61. Game enthusiasts enjoyed these summer days, enthralled by the large selection of games, music, merch and more. Event! unleashed a dedicated store for DanTDM, which tempted lots of fans to show their allegiance, by buying cool products, created by us.

Dantdm shop at Insomnia 61 #i61

Celebrity gamer DanTDM sported an exclusive t-shirt created for Insomnia 61.  Alongside this, we launched a back-to-school range, which is available at Dantdmshop.com

DanTDM x Insomnia 61 exclusive t-shirt

DanTDM x Insomnia 61 exclusive t-shirt



The DanTDM Fidget Spinner

Fans cause DanTDM fidget spinners to sell out within hours of going live.

In the last few weeks, the UK has gone crazy over the new ‘must have product.’ Fidget spinners have stormed the UK markets and are literally the toy on everyone’s fingers. People are realising the potential benefits of having a toy spinner, whether that is in a primary school classroom or a sweaty office. The fidget spinners can spark creative energy, help workers to focus, and can even be a tool to distract from dirty habits (don’t make us list them off!).

We wanted to introduce this hot new product to our clients. The spinner certainly caught the eye with a particular somebody.

YouTube sensation DanTD fell in love with the fidget spinner! He couldn’t believe the hype surrounding them and wanted to present fans the chance of having their own DanTDM branded spinner.

The vlogger phenomenon posted this video last night at 9pm. Once the video went live, fans went bonkers purchasing the toy.

Dan fanatics have the choice between a blue or black toy spinner, see images below. By midnight both spinners had sold out but here at EML we are quick to re-order stock, making sure customers are not left empty handed. Why not brand your own fidget spinner? promofidgetspinner.com
Fidget Spinner BlueDanTDM Fidget Spinner