The TNA Weekend

Our first event into the new year is a lively one, ‘Hit him with the chair?!’ That’s right, TNA is back this weekend, and is wrestling its way across the UK.

Here at Event! we like rummaging through our back catalogue, finding forgotten gems and stumbling upon the rarity. This week it was our mission to find some one-of-a-kind wrestling merch to show you all, and look what we found…

WWF Wrestling Collection

WWF Wrestling Collection

Cast your mind back to the glory days when ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan was under the management of the charismatic Jimmy Hart. Jimmy decided to split from Hogan and in the process of doing so, he curated ‘The Ultimate Wrestling Collection.’ Inside were discs containing classic championship matches from Florida and Memphis. Jimmy also included a selection of his favourite hit tunes and theme music as well as lost episodes of wrestling action from XWF. There were over 100 wrestling stars and legends featured in this collection including; ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, Jerry Lawler, Konnan and Hulk Hogan.WF-Red-Bear-front

We also found some World Wrestling Federation TY Bears. These bears are of iconic wrestlers like Kane and Shamrock.

TNA starts at the Manchester Arena tomorrow night, then close-lining it’s way to London’s SSE Wembley Arena, before tapping out in Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena on Sunday. Tickets are still available if you want some thrilling and entertaining ringside action. For more pictures and information from the event, see our Facebook page.


Airbnb Dominos

event merch domino set

Airbnb Domino Set

Dominos-A universal language

Approximately three weeks before Christmas Event! Merchandising, together with Airbnb, was tasked creating a unique gift  for around 6000 Airbnb hosts who will have guests staying with them around Christmas in the UK, France and Germany.

The suggestion of a bespoke set of Dominos was put forward.

The reason why dominos was put forward as an activity for both guests and hosts to play is because minimal communication is required whilst playing it and the game is known around the world.

Event manufactured the sets containing 36 individually branded blocks in a two week record time, working around the clock in order to leave time to post out the individual sets. The material chosen for the dominos set was acrylic, the design and packaging were both finalised,  and the sets arrived in time for Christmas.

Hosts have posted across social media, their delight in receiving the gifs.

The set’s of acrylic dominos that have been created are both beautifully designed, simple and on-brand.